Hey Guys
Wooooooooo Hoooooooo!The new album LOVELIGHT came out today and I’m so crazy excited. It’s been a huge labour of love this album. Much tougher than the others even though it should have been easier. That’s life hey!

Man I really hope you enjoy it. It’s got so much of what I do all over it. Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock, Prog, Hammond drenched, Plenty of Whammy Clav and good old funky non-whammy clav too 🙂 Plus I’ve really reached new heights with my voice. I tell you i’ll be working really hard at these gigs!!

Love you guys so much

If you gonna get a copy, please do RIGHT NOW because it’ll help me chart if all do it this week 🙂

Click Here to BUY

Lachy x