DAY 1 of Euro/Can tour 2017

After a 26 hour flight via Hong Kong Airport with my mate/stage tech/driver/allrounder guy Brendan Saad came the nervous wait for the highly bubble-wrapped Whammy Clavinet. Well for once it actually was there is oversize waiting for me by the time I got there AND in one piece. PHEW!!! Anyway it was early 6am and we got the shuttle bus to our luxury IBIS hotel (haha) and of course the rooms the weren’t gonna be ready till 2pm. “C’mon, Just give me somewhere to sleep”

So it was another exciting coffee and beer filled wait sitting on my ass again. The tour still felt a bit surreal until I stepped outside and was slapped in the face by that Dutch greenbreeze coming from some young americans just chillin out the front. Yep it’s happening, we’re doing this 🙂

So Brendan and I finally got our rooms and I managed to sleep about 2 hours before getting picked up by my booking agent Martin. We went straight to the rehearsal studio to set up the gear in leu of the rest of the band arriving later in that night. I had a chance to play with the new Hammond XK5 again. This time with my Leslie 860 and a crazy rare Fender/Leslie 147 which sounded incredible. Sadly the 147 started playing up a little so I’m down to the one Leslie for #BOSPOP2017. But that’s fine. The 860 is actually a small beast and the Hammond XK5 really cuts it. Had to tweak a few things inside and together with my BK Butler Tube Driver pedal we’re in some serious business!

“Oh where did the time go” It still looked like midday outside but it was actually 8:30 pm and we had to pick up the rest of the band from Schipol Airport. First we found Soren Andersen. One of the finest guitar players and producers I’ve worked with. It was great to see him again and so nice of him to come down as a special guest for our set at Bospop. Then Chris Pearson, the legend who played bass on the Euro tour last year…. and of course Jackie Barnes my good mate and powerhouse drummer. All totally stuffed and ready to crash we instead rehearsed for 3 hours till midnight then packed the epic amount of gear we’ve hired and drove back to the hotel. After a very cheeky “Welcome to the tour” beer in the lobby with the fellas and facetime to the family in Australia , I crashed at around 1am.

BUT OF COUSRE I woke at 4:30am “DAMN JET LAG!!” so I decided to write this little blog post for you all 🙂

Wish us luck on BOSPOP today. Just hope my brain works 🙂

Lachy x