Right now until it launches on OCT 31 6pm GMT. You can pre-order the course for the cheaper price of $400US instead of $500US at www.lachydoley.com/hammondcourse

This is the course for amateur/professional keyboard/organ players to learn my licks, sound, style, philosophies on the Hammond and to get inspired to become a great or greater Hammond player than before.
This isn’t a Jazz organ course or a bass pedal course but a deep dive into how I use the Drawbars, Swell pedal, the Leslie and all in combination. What scales I use, fundamentals licks and phrases. Also focusing heavily on what my left hand does. Like adding intent to notes, phrases and chords. Adding rhythm and glue and so much more!
It has been professionally shot and recorded with 4 camera angles capturing the keys from overhead, my face, the swell pedal and the Leslie.

Here’s a little snippet from the course