A HAMMOND ORGAN SCREAMING MANIAC who writes beautiful songs and performs like his life depends on it

The Lachy Doley Group have played over 40 festivals since they began in 2011. It’s been like a chain reaction, snow balling as festival directors refer us and punters suggest us to other festivals. It helps that we are so visually and sonically unique… and so original yet still falling under the banners of blues and soul.

FOR EUROPEAN BOOKINGS: Please contact AMSTERDAM MUSIC PROMOTERS at info@amsterdammusicpromotors.com

FOR CANADAIN BOOKINGS: Please contact YANNICK LAMBERT on 418-283-3420 or ylamb76@gmail.com

FOR ALL OTHER BOOKINGS: bookings@lachydoley.com

Just some of the Festivals we’ve played:

  • Bospop NL
  • Artri Blues IT
  • Great British Blues Festival GB
  • Blues on Broadbeach AU
  • Augustii Blues EE
  • Kitchener Blues Festival CA
  • Donnacona Blues Festival CA
  • Queenscliff Music Festival AU
  • Caloundra Music Festival AU
  • Mitchell Creek Rock And Blues Festival AU
  • Peak Festival Perisher AU
  • Noosa Jazz Festival AU
  • Memphis Blues Week Festival US