Why in Canada we got kicked off the stage after just 2 songs 🙁

It was Aug 11 2017. We just flew into Toronto from Rome and had been on the road for over a month already. We we’re exhausted but I was really looking forward to the Lachy Doley Group’s very first performance in CANADA. We were all set to play the main stage at Kitchener Blues Festival right before Lucky Peterson who was headlining the night. I got to the stage early to check out the Hammond and see if it was gonna do the job. I quickly fired it up before the first act went on and it sounded MIGHTY!!! When I know the organ in good, it always puts my mind at ease and was now really getting excited about the show.

The other fellas turned up at we started relaxing backstage. They had an awesome set-up there. Instead of Bandroom’s we actually had brand new luxury caravans. It was awesome. Great food and people. A truly well run festival!

The act before finished so it was now time to get our gear on stage and get ready to set the festival alight 🙂 It was a really easy set-up. The stage crew couldn’t be more helpful and soon enough we had fired up the first song ‘Betcha I’ll Getcha’ and everything sounded great. I could just tell this was gonna be one of the best shows of the whole tour. We finished the track and I acknowledged the applause and felt so humbled that we had travelled so far and people were enjoying what we did. I then brought it down a bit and played ‘Conviction’. Jackie was trying out a brand new FAT snare he got especially for this track and it sounded HUGE. Everything was going perfectly UNTIL…

Well we finished that track. I put my hand on the whammy bar of my Whammy Clavinet and was just about to strike the first note and show Canada my crazy instrument when I hear REALLY LOUDLY over the PA “Excuse me Ladies and Gentleman. We have to evacuate into the Town Hall because there is a Tornado Coming”

My first thought was “WWWHHHHHHATTT?” I was kinda of stunned and didn’t know what to do. “Is that it? Are we over? What about the Clav? How long have we got?” I stood there like a frozen statue for a second then I went stuff it. I’m taking my clav, so I quickly unplugged it and ran with it to the town hall (Oh yeah and a box of my CD’s I saw on the way)
We all huddled into the town hall. It was such a strange vibe. I soon realised that no one was stressing out as much as me. I guess they were used to Tornados and me being from Australia simply wasn’t. It actually started to become quite exciting and soon everyone was coming up and saying how much they had enjoyed our 2 songs and then one person bought an album and soon more and more people started buying the albums. It was was crazy!!! Once the tornado had passed, we ended up having a late night jam with the band at the Hotel of which we were staying at. It had to be one of the funnest most memorable nights of my life…but just one of the crazy stories from that tour!!