When was your first gig?

My first paying gig was in Adelaide on a friday afternoon. I was about 13 and my mum’s guitar playing friend Barry, who I had been jamming with, asked me along to play some blues piano. Mum thought it was a strange time for a gig. Usually most gigs are late on friday or saturday, maybe early on a sunday but friday afternoon was odd. We pulled up to this real workers pub and I set up my crappy Roland Electric Piano where they said be would be playing. I noticed there was a kind of temporary raised floor section going thru the hallway and into the main bar. Anyway we thought nothing of it. Mum got me a Coke, Baz turned up and we started playing. It was going pretty good I thought even though I was very nervous. Baz got me to play a solo, so i gave it all I had pulling out my best Jerry Lee Lewis licks. There was a huge applause at the end that filled me with happiness and validation until I looked up. It seems we had been booked to accompany a lunchtime strip show and the first girl had just walked out and down the catwalk. I was disappointed and excited all at the same time. Thinking back my Mum seemed remarkably cool about the whole thing. And as a 13 year old boy I realised that day the music business was for me. Most Definitely!!!

What kind of music do you listen to today?

All sorts of music actually. I listen to a lot of young an independent/indie label music, especially those who share a love for the classics sounds and styles of the 60’s and 70’s. Like Alabama Shakes and The Dap Kings. There is a lot of great music being at the moment. I still predominantly listen to soul and blues from the same era. What an amazing time for music that was